Louis Paquette
Fight Director/Choreographer, Stunt Actor
“Life is about realizing your dreams.”
– self

I am originally from a small village named Ferme-Neuve in the north of Quebec Province. From young age, I used to go see martial arts movies with my parents all the time. I guess Bruce Lee is the one who really hooked me up. After watching “enter the dragon”, I asked my parents to put me into martial arts school and began at the “ecole de Bushido Henri Lamontagne”. I was ten years old…

Since education was very limited in the village, my parents sent me to private school (Campus-Notre-Dame-De-Foy) in Quebec City This is where I fell in love with the stage… At first acting in few french plays such as “La Corriveau”, “Le Juge”, “Visa Le Noir, Tua le Blanc” then getting involved with live amateur school comedy shows… We just had fun doing these shows because we were making our friends laugh… It got so bad that we couldn’t even get on stage and be serious. I ended up receiving an award for it “Meritas destine a L’etudiant s’etant distingue dans le domaine des arts et du spectacle”

I then got accepted at Laval University… My dad was a doctor and my mom, an opera singer. They could see I like showbiz but wanted me to have a profession. Mathematics had always been easy for me so I decided to challenge myself with one of the hardest course in mathematics out there… Actuarial Sciences. Three years later, while studying Karate Shotokan, Gymnastic, occasionally performing in “La Revue Concert” (comedy show usually performed by the students of the faculty of Medicine) and competing with the Laval University Albatros High Board Diving Club, I graduated a bachelor degree and even got my ASA (Associate of the Society of Actuaries).

Sun Life of Canada offered me my first Job and I moved to Toronto. The intention was to support myself while giving a shot at the entertainment industry. At the time, I barely spoke english. I was trying to get work but my accent was getting in the way. So I tried to enter the business another way…

I had started Break Dancing while I was in Quebec City and met Christopher Lee Clements who was street performing in Yorkville. We became good friends and started performing shows everywhere. We used to work with the Pharazon Dance Company as dancers and choreographers. This is how I ended up taking a two year dance program at Randolph Dance Theater.

Few years passed and I kept taking acting and singing classes. I also took dialect reduction classes but I always had the same problem… my accent was blocking me. So I kept packing up more skills… I went crazy on Martial Arts and studied Tae Kwon Do, Wushu, Wing Chun, Capoeira, Jiu Jitsu an so on… I also learned a lot just watching videos and experimenting with crazy moves and weapons routines.

C.J. Fidler was a good friend of mine. She had become a Stunt Woman in the film industry. She knew my skills and one day introduced me to Ken Quinn, one of the top ten stunt coordinator in Toronto. This is how I got my first job as a stuntman.

I became a full ACTRA member while I kept working first full-time then part-time as an ASA for Aetna Canada which became Maritime Life (recently purchased by Manulife). In this industry, you need a steady job with enough flexibility to provide time off when you need it. Luckily, I was working on long term projects and the company was quite flexible with me. I used to take all my vacation time to work on sets or do live performances.

Now, I have been working films for about ten years. I don’t work in the insurance industry anymore. I also work as a personal trainer because of the flexible hours but mainly because I love helping people and provide them with a healthy mind in a healthy body.

My current projects include creating my own film production company and releasing my first singing album. I am also a member of Team Ryouko and we train and perform live on a regular basis.

Working in the entertainment industry is definitely one of the hardest business out there but it’s not work to me because I love what I do…