Liam Leone
Non Union
“ The way you do anything is the way you do everything.“

I am Liam Leone and for as long as I can remember, I have achieved a state of bliss by being present in my body, be it through sports, music, martial arts, on stage or in front of a camera! I love competition and team work. My parents, both artists/entrepreneurs have taught me to chase the highs and welcome the endless hours of work and preparation, the constant striving for improvement. That is where you learn, where you are tested and where character is made. What draws me to acting more than anything else in the world is the impact that inspired acting has had on me, and I want to give that gift of inspiration to others.

I am constantly challenging myself with new physical, emotional, mental and spiritual stimulus. I am a student of life, stiving not for perfection but for improvement and expansion. I have been raised to set high goals, jump off the deep end and go for it with all of my heart! I learn quickly and I take a positive approach to challenges. Success is for the bold, dedication is path, and I embody both these characteristics to the full extent.