Laurin Padolina
Dancer, Singer, Actor
“Laurin is an absolute firecracker as a performer. There are times when I have to force myself to look away from her because she is so magnetically radiant. When I showed her work to my collaborator, Wayne Cilento, he called me within thirty seconds and we hired her immediately. Laurin truly rocks.”
– Des McAnuff, Tony Award Winning Director

Laurin Padolina is easily identified by her style and charisma as a dancer, choreographer and triple threat performer. In a recent review, her performance was compared to a “ supernova stuffed into a small package.” Living the dream out of very large backpack, Laurin continues to pursue her craft building upon over 14 years of performance in the industry. She is the recipient of a multitude of performance awards along with choreography excellence awards from cultural festivals and dance competitions throughout Canada.

Laurin has collaborated with some of the industry’s best directors and choreographers including Des McAnuff (Tony Award winner for Best Director), Wayne Cilento (Tony Award winner for Best Choreography, Wicked), Michael Rooney (winner of American Choreography and MTV Choreography Awards) and Tina Landon (American Choreography Award for Outstanding Achievement in Choreography). As a result of her approachability and fun persona, Laurin has also become popular amongst actors who seek coaching with movement or dance for a particular role. Having worked with stars from North America to Asia, Bobby Lee (MAD TV) and Jamie Kennedy (Kicking It Old Skool) are a couple of her favorites. With an extensive resume in film and television, it is the thrill of live performances that truly fuels her thirst to perform. Some of her fondest memories include touring with the critically acclaimed Canadian revival of Jesus Christ Superstar on Broadway, the 2012 Tony Awards, Broadway Bares XXII and the world premiere of Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots at the La Jolla Playhouse.

Laurin is a Vancouver brat and a fish out of water. While she intends to continue performing until her hips need replacement, Laurin hopes to one day reside in a shack on a beach with a great left break to call home.