Kyra Weichert
Actor, Singer, Dancer
“Do the scary thing first, and get scared later.”
– Lemony Snicket

Kyra Weichert was born and raised in a suburb outside of Ottawa, Ontario. She fell into theatre the way most youngest siblings fall into anything: her big sister was doing it. Kyra made her theatrical debut at the age of eight, as one of the eleven nameless, silent children of the Woman Who Lived in a Shoe. After her sister moved on to newer hobbies, Kyra moved on to roles with (substantially) more lines. After high school, Kyra moved to Toronto to study theatre at Sheridan College and University of Toronto, graduating from the joint Theatre and Drama Studies program. Here, she discovered a love of devised theatre, creating a full-length show, The Massey Murder, with her classmates.

Recognized professionally for her boundless energy and playful nature, Kyra has worked in the theatre industry performing in plays and musicals alike since graduation. She has a special interest in Greek plays and adaptations (especially adaptions of Greek plays). Some of her favourite roles to date include Elektra in Orestes (Theatre Erindale), Cassandra of Troy in Fallen (Home for the Wayward Artists), Telemachus in The Penelopiad, and Little Becky Two Shoes in Urinetown: the Musical (We Are Here Productions). Kyra has expanded her theatrical training, studying film with David Matheson and Melee Hutton, as well as at The Dirt Underneath with John Gordon.

When not rehearsing, Kyra can be found at a board game cafe, convincing her friends to go to a board game cafe, or writing (and throwing) murder mystery parties.