Kim Turnbull
Actor, Dancer
Non Union
“The effortless quality that Kim brings to the stage is beautiful. The unforced story telling in her movement brings a genuine quality to her performances which is lovely to see.”
– Liz Tookey, Choreographer

Born and raised in Vancouver BC, Kim has been dancing for 10 years and hasn’t stopped since. When Kim was younger she danced at a small local studio and thats where her love of dance started to grow. She now trains at Tri-city Dance centre and has trained in all styles including: Ballet, Pointe, Character, Jazz, Lyrical, Contemporary, Hiphop, Musical Theatre and Tap. Kim is a very outgoing, passionate and dedicated dancer and over the many years that she has danced, Kim has achieved many things, for example: getting a distinction ( Mark of 75+) on her RAD Advanced 1 Ballet Exam this past year. She was also one of the few dancers who got chosen to go to Germany in 2012 to represent Canada in the world championships.

Kim likes to travel all over the world to attend different summer intensives, for the past 3 years she has been to the Alberta School of Ballet in Calgary and to The Rock School for Dance Education located in Philadelphia(2 years in a row). She has been accepted in to many ballet schools including : Alberta, The Rock, and Bolshoi and has been offered a scholarship to attend the Rock year round and summer course programs. She also loves to attend many different dance conventions including, NUVO, JUMP and triple threat, where she has been awarded several scholarships. This past year she traveled to Alaska to dance at the NUVO dance convention and was awarded winner of the teen room.

Some of Kim’s biggest strengths are picking up choreography, and being able to execute it seamlessly. She is recognized for always dancing with outstanding technique and passion. Kim is a very dedicated and driven person and will go to any length to achieve what her goals are. On Kim’s spare time she loves to hang out with friends, listen to music and spend time with her family.

Kim is very fortunate to be able to attend a school that allows her to be in the “EPIC Program”, which means that she is allowed to leave school when needed to train at dance, and do other activities that are involved with her career. Her teachers are very supportive and they make sure she is always up to date with her school work when she is not there. Kim is always striving to be perfect and with the program she’s in at school , it helps her get that much closer to achieving her dreams.