Kim Sato
Actor, Dancer, Choreographer, Artistic Director- Project Soul
Non Union
“…Say up jump the boogie, to the rhythm of the boogie, the beat.”
– Sugarhill Gang

Kim Sato is the founder and artistic director of the SOULdier’s Company. She started the company to inspire other dancers to seek knowledge of hip hop culture and history after noticing that many up and coming dancers did not have the training or understanding of hip hop culture that she was so lucky to receive as a youth. She wanted to give back to the community and provide a place where dancers could receive similar training in hip hop dance to what she had experienced. She also wanted to expose dancers to all aspects of hip hop culture.

Kim comes from a varied dance background. She has been classically trained in ballet, jazz, modern and tap, and was a self-taught hip hop dancer in the early days until she discovered you could learn it in the classroom. She remembers wearing out her VHS tapes in certain spots just to learn the current moves in hip hop dance. She studied popping, locking, breakin’, and hip hop. She has since been lucky enough to learn from many amazing teachers such as Mr. Wiggles, Asia One, Skeeter Rabbit, Poppin’ Pete, Greg Campbellock Jr., Shabbadoo, and Lock N Key.

One of Kim’s dreams came true when she was asked to go to LA to perform in the Groovaloos show. She was ecstatic to share the stage with her hip hop idols and discovered a new passion for breakin’. She has since been cast in several feature films including Kickin’ It Old Skool where she has been able to utilize her locking and breakin’ skills. She has also been lucky enough to use dance as a means to travel the world, spending time teaching and performing throughout North America, Brazil, China, and Japan.

Kim continues her studies in hip hop culture by reading and traveling to meet different people that are inspired by the culture. She hopes to inspire the community and set an example of how hip hop culture can be a very positive outlet for today’s youth.

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