Kevin Hansen

Kevin Hansen is a born performer. From an early age, he has won awards for dance and public speaking that eventually led him to the stage and screen. His vast experience on stage has taken him to Australia with The Vancouver Youth Theatre, Prince George B.C. with “The Garage Sale” and almost every city and small town in the province with over 200 shows performing for The Justice Theatre.

Kevin burst on the screen at an early age. At 14 years old, he landed his first role acting as a recurring character on the CBC television show “Max Glick” where he played one of Max’s close friends. Since then, he has appeared in a wide variety of projects acting in various commercials, and many film and television credits to his name. His range as an actor is proven. Whether it’s slapstick comedy with The Wayans brothers in the original “Scary Movie” or horror in “Freddy VS Jason”, Kevin is up for any challenge. He has done drama, acting alongside Leonardo DiCaprio in the feature film “This Boys Life” and has even worked in science fiction realm appearing on “The Outer Limits” television show on different occasions. From being possessed by Christopher Lloyd’s ghost in “Angels in the Endzone” to playing an agoraphobiac on “Neon Rider”, Kevin has proved to be a diverse actor who can play a wide range of roles and is willing to try anything!

He is beyond excited to be partnered with the exceptional staff and talented roster of da Costa Talent and will soon be exploring new acting training with Nadine Wright at ACT2.