Keegan Shim

Keegan Shim is a street dancer and roller skater based in Toronto. Performing arts has always been a big part of his life, playing drums and percussion from the age of 12 and being in the school band for many years. Around the age of 16, he was enthralled by the idea of translating his love for music into movement which had led him to join his high school dance team and enrol in a dance school in Markham.

Throughout his post-secondary years, Keegan continued his training by taking drop-in classes at multiple studios around Toronto. Around 2010, he stumbled upon the style of “Locking”, which was the start of his street dance journey. For the past decade, his passion for this art form had led him to learn from many local and international Lockers, participate and choreograph stage performances, and compete in multiple events across North America.

Keegan first discovered roller skating around 2018 when he visited his local rink, Scooters Roller Palace. Since then, he has developed a unique style of skating adding his street dance background and fusing different elements of skate culture acquired from visiting various rinks across the USA. He has been featured on news segments such as Breakfast Television, CTV, BlogTO and has worked with musical artists such as Maya Killtron, Sean Jones (of the Canadian R&B band “In Essence”), Liyah, TRP.P, and Jassa Dhillon. He’s also a passionate community leader facilitating events, teaching classes, and hosting practice sessions around the city.