Karley Säägi
Actor, Voice Actor
“The biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of your dreams.”
– Oprah

An eccentric natural-born performer, Karley’s passion to entertain began at the young age of 6. When her family finally had enough of her constant breakfast, lunch and dinner table performances, they enrolled her in musical theatre and Karley was instantly hooked.

Her passion only grew from there when she attended Toronto Film School, where she was awarded Dean’s List and starred in multiple student films. Karley then brought her talents to the world of radio, where she hosted on-air segments on Zoomer Radio, such as ‘Arts & Entertainment with Karley’, and went on to host television news segments on OneTV.

When she’s not on set (or playing soccer), Karley can be found honing her skills. Whether it’s flexing her improvisation muscle at Second City or training with Pro Actors Lab and LB Acting Studio, she is a huge believer in continuous, diversified training and is always looking to gather unique perspectives to add to her acting toolkit.

Outside of performing, Karley’s other passion lies in self-portrait photography. Dubbed the ‘pink queen’, Karley’s photos are loaded with sparkles, confetti, and candy-inspired pastel hues for a perfectly over-sweetened aesthetic. Her photos currently have over 60 million views and almost 3 thousand downloads on a stock photo website called Pexels:(https://www.pexels.com/@karleykosmos/).

Growing up playing soccer and volleyball, Karley uses her competitive spirit to always put her full heart into everything she does. She is looking forward to exploring and refining her craft and is thrilled to be part of da Costa’s roster alongside so many incredibly talented artists.