Kalon Young

Kalon Young is an 18 year old Toronto bound performer with an early foundation in the arts. From a young age, Kalon began his journey in the performing arts training with Deborah Thompsons School of dance, going on to perform in the Dance The World Parade down Disney’s Main Street USA. After taking a hiatus from dance, Kalon has gone on to pursue the dramatic arts in the Regional Arts Program at his highschool. He has become an active participant in various community theatre opportunities leading to award winning performances in National Theatre School festivals and Gold medal placings in Canadian Improv Games National tournaments. As he continues to train and perfect his voice at Hit That Note vocal studios, Kalon’s skills grow sharper every day on his pathway to being the best he can be.

Kalon’s presence on stage has been described as “Incredible and Impassioned”, filling the space with energy and joy. With every performance he does he puts his soul out.

“As someone with a background in writing stories, I’m able to understand the amount of passion that people pour into the words they write and place into a well made script; and with that knowledge I think a script deserves an equal amount of care and passion poured into the execution of every word written on the page. As an actor, I think it’s my duty to accurately portray the stories that are so passionately written by the many great creatives that surround me stressing every word as everything written, is written for a reason.”