Kalliane Brémault
Actor, Dancer
“We must always attempt to lift, as we climb.”
-Angela Davis

Born in Winnipeg, Manitoba, into a family of musicians, Kalliane is a dancer, choreographer, singer, actor and visual artist. From ages 4-19, she formally trained in ballet, modern/contemporary and tap at Winnipeg Contemporary Dancers and The Royal Winnipeg Ballet. At age 11, she dove into her true passions: Hip-Hop, breaking, popping and house with Winnipeg pioneers ​Dammecia Hall​, Ofield Williams​ and ​Bob Veruela​. This sparked a long-lasting journey of studying Hip-Hop culture, competing in battles, performance and choreography, visual arts and arts events coordination, as well as dance education in various community-based programs and studios. In 2017, she moved to Toronto to further pursue her career.

Well-versed in Hip-Hop, floorwork, choreography and modern/contemporary, Kalliane has performed, competed with and choreographed for top Winnipeg street dance companies/crews. In 2017, Kalliane represented her country as part of the Canadian dance team led by ​Freya Olafson ​at Les Jeux de la Francophonie​, in Abidjan, Ivory Coast. She has extended her reach through training, battling and performing in Toronto ON, Ottawa, ON, Montreal, QC, Los Angeles, CA, Chicago, IL, Tampa, FL, Nashville, TN, Houston, TX, and in Boulder, CO, where she taught her first international workshop and was on the winning team at the all-styles battle, ​Block Party 2018​.

In 2018 and throughout all of 2019, Kalliane began working with world-renowned professional dance companies and artists, namely ​Tentacle Tribe​ and ​Caroline ‘Lady C’ Fraser​. These experiences led her to become an apprentice in ​Tentacle Tribe​ and a principal dancer in ​Lady C​’s commissioned piece for ​Fall For Dance North​. As well as having been featured in music videos and commercials such as ​The Sorority’s ​‘SRTY’,​ ​Volvo ​and​ No Frills​, Kalliane was casted as a featured dancer and supporting actor in ​Netflix​ movie, ​‘Work It’​, released in August, 2020. She is a member of the reputed Toronto-based dance crew, ​Rebels De La Soul​ and is active in community-based programs as an arts educator with ​Unity Charity​, an organization ​that uses Hip-Hop art forms to promote resilience and well-being among underserved youth.

She strives to gather knowledge and contribute to the cultures who have nurtured and graciously welcomed her, all the while embracing her own history and releasing limitations. Kalliane utilizes art to express herself authentically, exploring dualities such as ​masculine/feminine/fluidity, ​dark/light, beautiful/ugly, strong/vulnerable, with the goal to actualize balance.​ Kalliane shares these intentions and values with everyone who crosses her path with the hopes to uplift each and every present moment.