Kaitlyn Dallan
Actor, Voice Actor, Dancer
“You create your destiny. Hard work, dedication, sacrifice, and taking risks create amazing opportunities.”
-Misty Copeland

Kaitlyn Dallan started in gymnastics at the age of 2 but quickly realized she was meant to switch over to the world of dance. Over the years she has won many overall awards and scholarships. In 2017, Kaitlyn was selected to be a part of the Team Canada children’s jazz and ballet teams competing in Poland and brought home 2 gold medals. Kaitlyn is a very versatile dancer and excels in the areas of jazz, contemporary, tap, ballet, lyrical, and hip hop.

Currently, Kaitlyn is enrolled in the pre-professional training and performance arts program at JJ Dance Arts in Burlington by JJ Moore. She trains in jazz, contemporary, hip-hop and ballet, under the talented Mitchell Jackson, Melissa JJ Moore, Nathan Espejo, Carly Miller, and Agata Mirosz. She has had the opportunity to participate in audition prep classes with industry leaders such as Amy Wright, Jeff Dimitriou, Melissa Mitro, Hollywood Jade, Lisa Stevens, and many more. It was at JJ Dance Arts that Kaitlyn also met Jordan Clark with whom she trained with in various dance technique and continues to train with privately.

Kaitlyn also has a huge love for tap and was fortunate enough to have met Everett Smith at The Dance Rage Dance Competition last spring. She now trains privately under the instruction of Everett as well as Mike Glenney. Not only do they teach her tap but also help her to enhance her performance skills.

This past fall, Kaitlyn met Christian Potenza and got started into the world of voice acting. She continues to regularly train with Christian and Stephanie Yelovich at The Infinity Forge in Hamilton to enhance her acting and voice skills. Kaitlyn will also be doing vocal lessons there with Stephanie and is excited to see where it all takes her.

When Kaitlyn is not training, she enjoys hanging out with her friends, hiking, mountain biking, swimming, running, and making Tik Toks. She loves to travel and be outdoors, so she especially looks forward to the summer when she gets to go on camping trips with her family and friends.