Juliana Barry
Actor, Singer, Dancer
Non Union
“The things you are passionate about are not random, they are your calling.”

At the early age of 3 it was clear that Juliana had a strong interest in performing. Belting Katy Perry and other show tunes around the house all day long and finding every opportunity to display her abilities in front of anyone that would watch her. Her parents knew she was bound for the stage and quickly took action.
She started dance classes early on and entered into local Drama Academy Linus Hand Productions, where she had ample opportunity to express her creative side on stage and explore her developing talents. Juliana has performed in many theatre productions over the years including Into the Woods, High School Musical, The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast and most recently played Lavender in Matilda the Musical at the Greg Frewin Theatre.

Juliana enjoyed competitive dance for several years and excelled at tap, jazz, and hip hop. However, she eventually gravitated towards Musical Theatre where she could better display her triple threat abilities. She also began working alongside singing coach and Professional Theatre Performer Tenja Hagenberg in 2006, to enhance her vocal and performing skills.

She has taken several acting and on camera classes and loves the challenge of becoming different characters. Having the privilege of working alongside many adult professionals (some nick naming her “Full Out Felica!”), Juliana has shown commitment to long work days, busy rehearsal schedules, and busy show schedules.

From performing on stage alongside The Mini Pops to volunteering her time to local fundraiser shows, Juliana is very versatile and loves different opportunities and challenges. She performs well under pressure and shines on stage and on camera, pouring all of her heart into any role she is presented with. She looks forward to future opportunities with DaCosta Talent!