Joshua Sidlofsky
Actor, Singer
“A joy to work with! Joshua brings an incredible work ethic and enthusiasm into the room that is unmatched! His talent, generosity and intelligence make him extremely castable and an asset to any project.”
– Anita La Selva, Director.

Joshua Sidlofsky is a trained actor and singer from Toronto, Ontario, and recently graduated from the Specialist Honours Program in Theatre and Drama Studies (TDS), offered jointly by the University of Toronto and Sheridan College. Upon graduating, Joshua earned an advanced conservatory diploma in professional actor training from Sheridan within a Specialist degree in performance history, theory, and dramatic literature from UTM. Though he was shy as a child, he was cast in a leading role in his grade five musical adaptation of YKRP in Cincinnati, and even if the show didn’t make much sense, Joshua quickly found a love for the stage. After over three years of intense acting, vocal, movement and theatre training in the TDS program, he starred as Don Pedro in his graduating class’ production of Much Ado About Nothing, and played Anders in their production of This is War.

He’s also the general manager and one of the founding members of an up and coming theatre company, Dandelion Theatre. The company aims to foster greater understanding in their community by telling stories that showcase a wide variety of cultures, backgrounds, and social issues. By mixing new Canadian pieces written by the company, and reshaping the canon for a modern audience, Dandelion plans to be one of the faces of Toronto theatre in the coming decade. Whether he’s learning new skills such as stage combat and voice work, or spending some time at the gym, Joshua is always trying to push himself to be his best. He believes that pushing himself to be the best person he can be and the best actor go hand in hand.