Joshua Hoven
Actor, Dancer
Non Union
“Look in the mirror…that’s your competition.”
– John Assaraf

Joshua was born and raised in Surrey, British Columbia. He loves spending time with family and friends. Joshua really enjoys going to school and working hard to keep his grades up. Joshua always loves to meet with old friends and make new ones, it feels good to have an impact on your friend’s day and it’s even better if it brightens it up. He practically lives off laughing, it’s something he strives for everyday.

Joshua been dancing for 4 years now, he started with gymnastics for seven years and then later moved on to figure skating. When he heard about acro dance his heart opened up wide to the dance world. Today, he performs contemporary, jazz, modern, lyrical, acro and stage at local competitions. Joshua has previously visited the iDance convention winning a scholarship to travel to Paris. Last year he won invitations to dance at the Peak Invitationals at the Hard Rock Casino and in the Synergy provincials.

Today you can find him at his local dance studio practicing almost 7 days a week. You can also find Joshua at home either on his computer or watching a movie with the family. He enjoys reading and is always up for a board game! He can’t wait to start his career in the industry and look forward to meeting so many new people!