Joshua Blumhagen
Actor, Dancer
Non Union
“Art is the only serious thing in the world. And the artist is the only person who is never serious.”
– Oscar Wilde

Born and raised in the small town of Halkirk, Alberta, Josh was exposed to the world of dance through his first hip hop class at the age of seven. He immediately fell in love with the craft and spent the majority of his youth seeking out opportunities to train in a wide variety of styles. This developed the foundation for Josh’s exceptional versatility and his uniquely dynamic freestyle. Beyond the movement, Josh gained an immense appreciation of hip hop’s history, learning from some of the earliest pioneers of the style. Josh continues to preserve the essential roots of the culture in his own modernized take. Today, Josh’s movement is heavily influenced by the styles of popping, locking, hip hop, and animation. Josh moved to Vancouver immediately after high school in the enthusiastic pursuit of new opportunities in dancing, acting, and choreography.
Through his experience in competitive dance, Josh has performed and earned titles on world-renowned stages such as Hip Hop International, Vibe, Dancer’s Paradise, and Body Rock. The competitive scene offered him the opportunity to work closely and consistently with internationally acclaimed choreographers such as Scott Forsyth, Luther Brown, Bradley Rapier, and many more.

Most recently, Josh has had the opportunity to work on projects such as Jordan Peele’s reboot of CBS’s Twilight Zone, Syfy’s Deadly Class, and Disney’s Freaky Friday.

Josh is a hard-working individual with a commitment to perfection and a passion for his craft. His extensive training as a freestyle dancer gives his movement a sense of individuality, while his years dancing with competitive crews offers him the intuition to work as an excellent addition to any team.