Josh Daniel
Actor, Singer, Voice Actor
“Josh is the perfect combination of unbridled enthusiasm and talent! He is passionate about everything he does and he does everything with a smile. You can’t help but be happy around him!”
-Gabe Gallucci Mixing & Mastering Engineer for Shawn Mendes & Victoria Duffield

With an unparalleled style, Josh Daniel brings life and enthusiasm to events all around the world. Josh Daniel is a Latin/Canadian/Greek artists born and raised in Toronto, Canada. He is currently performing around the world with his band “The Free Label”, which has accumulated over a million stream across all platforms.

The Arts have been ingrained into Josh’s life since the young age of 3, when he began playing piano and singing. He acquired his RCM by age 14 and continued his musical studies right on to York University, graduating with a BFA in Music with Honours Spec. Theory & Performance. His music has been featured across various radio stations such as CBC RADIO and RADIO ONE, as well as on the TV show Kim’s Convenience.

In addition, Josh Daniel is passionate about promoting diversity within the entertainment industry, including with The Free Label, which is a multicultural group whose members are Latin American, Mêtis, Cuban, Jamaican and Greek. The Free Label actively promotes the inclusion of cultural diversity in the music industry by consistently participating in charity events that support these causes.

Josh has expanded his arts repertoire to include voice acting, modelling, video production and editing, which can be seen on his YouTube channel. In conjunction with his passion for performing and creating, Josh became CEO and President of The Free Label Inc. and continues to enthral audiences around the world.