Jonathan Arsenault
Actor, Dancer, Singer
“I just need to breathe and trust in my talent.”
– Self

Top 12 – Season 3
CTV’s So You Think You Can Dance

Born and raised in Kitchener, Jonathan has had a passion for dance for as long as he can remember. He began his training at Dimensions in Dance, and continued his training by spending several long periods in New York City, expanding his dance knowledge and honing his skills in every dance form he could including Contemporary Jazz, Tap, Ballet, Latin Ballroom, African and Capoeira.

Already feeling blessed to have worked with the likes of Wade Robson, Maria Torres and jaeblaze, Jonathan owes his success to his exposure in other styles. “Sheila Barker (with Broadway Dance Center) not only opened my eyes to her style of jazz, but to a whole world on styles and teachers outside of Ontario.” Learning early on what the world has to offer dancers, this contemporary and hip-hop dancer has performed in Louisiana, New York City and Las Vegas. Having already performed Wade Robson’s choreography, Jonathan says dancing with him would be a dream.” To actually dance in a performance with Wade would be a wonderful achievement.”

Not only is he good on his feet but Jonathan is also a skilled handyman and can master his way around a sewing machine, which he says, “comes in handy when Halloween rolls around.” Jonathan also loves to travel and brings his dance along with him. “I moon walked on the pyramids in Egypt and krumped in front of the Eiffel Tower.”

In August 2010, Jonathan was named part of the Top 22 for the 3rd Season of So You Think You Can Dance Canada.