Jenny Frost
Actor, Dancer, Singer
Non Union
“Everything happens for a reason.”
– Marilyn Monroe

Jenny Frost is a 16-year old high school student who has trained in music and dance since the age of 4, dancing competitively since 2012. In 2015, Jenny won an award for the most compelling performance out of 800 routines; In 2016, she received multiple Most Potential Awards; in 2017 she received first Overall Teen Solo and Directors Choice Scholarship, attending the summer program at Mather’s Dance Company, LA. In 2018, she won 3 scholarships (Greece, Florida and Toronto); the Future Fire Award; Fever; First Powerhouse Intermediate Soloist; Special Awards, Scholarships, as well as Most Potential Teen. She also won Most Photogenic Senior, Luv2Dance, and her face is on the cover of their 2019 Advertising Promotion.

With the 2019 season still in force, she has won Judges Choice, Hip Hop Scholarships, First Senior Overall Solo; Most Captivating Performance, including a scholarship to dance Broadway in New York.

In addition to her competitive dance, Jenny has acted and danced in several music videos (Come Alive, Music Video, Fito Blanco, Karl Woolfe, 2015; Like We Used To, Reign, Music Video, 2015 and Bandit Girl Band, Dancer, Bonnie, 2018). Jenny is also a singer and songwriter who plays piano and performs on stage to local audiences. She has been the Finalist in the Whitby Idol competitions for 2016-2019 and performs regularly at the Whitby Courthouse Theatre and many local events.

Jenny has a passion for performing on stage, and her energy and emotion consistently captivate and silence an audience. Jenny is pursuing her music, dance and film and tv career, as well as teaching dance and songwriting. Her biggest love currently is contemporary dance, currently training under a creative company and working with the city’s best choreographers.