Jenna Lamb
Actor, Singer, Dancer
Non Union
“A day with smiles, chuckles and lots of laughter makes me the happiest…”
– Jenna

Born in Vancouver, Jenna brings her infectious smile and energy to all of her performances.

She is extremely excited about her debut with Arts Club Theatre and joining this year’s cast of Matilda. Her love for the arts is evident and she enjoys all the varieties of singing and dance, which have helped in her previous musical theatre experiences.

Past roles have included ‘A Christmas Carol’, Jenna’s first Gateway Theater production and ‘Cinderella’ Theatre Under the Stars’ summer production. These gave Jenna a different perception of the challenges of performing in the theatre world. Align Entertainment has also cast Jenna for their last two productions of ‘A Christmas Story’ and ‘Annie’.

Jenna loves school, skating, playing golf, and hanging out with her friends. She speaks French, Romanian, and loves playing with different Eastern European accents, and loves guitar, basic piano, and her dog Max.