Jenna Lamb
Actor, Singer, Voice Over Actor, Dancer
Non Union
“Confidence is not ‘Will they like me’ confidence is ‘I’ll be fine if they don’t’”
– Christina Grimmie

Jenna brings her infectious smile and energy to all of her performances. She has been entertaining anyone who will watch since she could stand. Jenna was born to perform and not many hours go by without seeing her dancing and singing on the sidewalk or in the school hallways.

Jenna made her first TV debut in a principal role on Netflix’s “The Healing Power of Dude”.

Recently Jenna made her debut with The Arts Club Theatre Company where she joined the cast of “Matilda” as Amanda Thripp and endured Ms. Trunchbull and her famous Trunchbull spin. Along with her children’s ensemble, Jenna was nominated for Applause Musical Society’s Outstanding Artistic Achievement award.

Jenna‘s past performance experiences have included Gateway Theatre’s “A Christmas Carol”, Theatre Under the Stars’ “Cinderella” and Align Entertainment’s “A Christmas Story” and “Annie”. These early experiences taught Jenna the importance of being prepared to perform her best every day.

Jenna’s strong vocal abilities received accolades at Peak Invitational Dance Competition where she was runner up in the solo performance dance/vocal category. She dreams of one day playing a lead in a major Broadway show and loves the challenge of complicated vocal creations.

Lindbjerg Academy of Fine Arts has been Jenna’s second home since 2014, where she is guided by many leading and talented instructors/mentors. Jenna also trains in on-camera acting at Studio 3 Media, Leblanc School of Acting and Tri Cities Film Studio.

Besides daily training and school, Jenna loves to hang out with friends and practise piano and guitar. She spends what’s left of her leisure time skating, skiing, golfing or trying whatever else her dare devilish personality brings her. Jenna speaks English, French and Romanian, and would love a role where she could explore different European accents and languages.