Jeffery Ong
Stunt Coordinator, Fight Choreographer,
Action Director, Stunt Performer
ACTRA | Stunt Canada
“Success is when preparedness meets opportunity”
– self

Coming from a small town, Jeff spent much of his youth outdoors playing competitive sports like baseball, soccer, rugby and volleyball and recreationally skiing, snowboarding and snowmobiling. However, he found his passion early in life thanks to informal martial arts lessons from his father. His training quickly evolved to formal lessons at the Korean Martial Arts Centre (KMAC) where he achieved the rank of 2nd Degree Black Belt in Kuk Sool Won and Hapkido. During his training at the KMAC he instructed classes, assisted black belt seminars and helped coach MMA Fighter Gary Goodridge for his first fights in the UFC. Jeff’s additional martial arts achievements include, Grand Champion in the Korean Martial Arts Open and 1st Degree Black Belt in WTF Tae Kwon Do. His passion for the martial arts led to additional training in Kickboxing, Fut Gar Kung Fu, Capoeira and Judo.

In 1998, he graduated High School, winning several creative writing awards and was accepted into the University of Toronto with a partial academic Scholarship for $10,000 into the prestigious Business and Commerce program. Spending time in Toronto was an exceptionally positive for Jeff as he was exposed to an urban culture that wasn’t available in his hometown of Barrie. He found himself drawn into the world of Dance (being surrounded by a room full of girl in spandex was very motivating =). Jeff began his dance training in Modern Dance with a workshop in Contact Improve which quickly led to formal training at the School of Toronto Dance Theatre. This evolved to dance training at several different centres including the National Dance School of Canada, the National Ballet of Canada and the Canadian Dance Company. He filled his days with as many different styles as possible, including Modern, Jazz, Ballet, Tap, Hip Hop and Breakdance. Jeff’s martial arts background combined with his physicality and passion led to his quick acceptance into the dance community in Toronto. This opened the doors to career opportunities Jeff had never considered before.

In 2000, Jeff made the difficult decision to leave his full-time business program at U of T and pursue the performing arts. Through the world of dance, Jeff found his theatrical timing and expanded his movement vocabulary. His unique combination of dance and martial arts training helped him stand out from the crowd. Jeff gained full membership into ACTRA in a month and was recruited into a touring stage show for a pop singer (Aaron Carter) that traveled throughout United States, Puerto Rico and England. Jeff was lucky enough to perform at Michael Jackson’s 30th Anniversary Show at Madison Square Gardens on Sept 10, 2001 (a life changing experience for more than one reason).

In 2003, Jeff returned to his martial arts roots. Armed with his knowledge of dance timing, he co-founded a martial arts performance group called Team Ryouko. The team quickly became a sought after feature at many prestigious Toronto events, such as Toronto Celebrates, Just for Laughs Comedy Festival, Canada’s Day Celebrations and Toronto Festival of Lights. Ryouko was also at the forefront of the viral video fad of early internet watchers (even before youtube). Ryouko’s videos were passed around the world, leading to invitations to perform in many cities in the United States and throughout the rest of the world. Utilizing the resources of Ryouko, Jeff created a training program for those interested in learning performance martial arts, called the XSD (Xtreme Skills Development) program.

In 2004, all of Jeff’s seemingly unguided training all came to fruition when he landed his first Stunt gig. With the realization that Stunt Performing was a career choice, Jeff began learning as much as he could from whomever was willing to teach him. He took the High Angle Rig and Rescue Course from Seneca College, the street motorcycle course from Humber College and became friends with Stunt Coordinator Jamie Jones, who has been a mentor for most of Jeff’s Stunt career. Jamie has schooled Jeff in motor cross, stunt driving and on set etiquette. Jeff attributes most of his successful ‘on set’ experiences to the mentoring that he received from Jamie.

It is thanks to Stunts that Jeff has had the opportunity to travel the world and work with so many inspirational people. Some of the places he was fortunate enough to work in include Yalta (Ukraine), Hong Kong, Auckland (New Zealand), Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver. His travel experiences have made him a more well-rounded and appreciative stunt performer.

Presently, Jeff is pursing stunt performing with the goal of continuing a healthy career in the film industry, wherever that may lead. Jeff’s philosophy is not to force things to make them happen but instead be prepared for opportunities when they arise. Script writing, Stunt Coordinating, and 2nd Unit Directing are areas that Jeff wishes to continue growing into.