Jay Bradley
Actor, Singer, Model
“Our fear is not that we are inadequate. Our fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.”
– Marianne Williamson

Jay Bradley started work as a catalogue model at the age of 17 and continued on to book commercial print internationally both in Taiwan and Europe. His career evolved to Television where he has been featured in National commercials, Series & Film.

In 2007, Jay moved to New York City further pursuing his acting career. Most recently, he has settled in Los Angeles. His U.S. career has brought him work in daytime television including roles on All My Children and One Life to Live, National commercials, voice-overs, industrials, hosting jobs and print campaigns. His most recent accomplishment is landing the lead in a feature film called Co-Workers. Jay is also a Singer, Songwriter & Piano player and has recently produced his first CD called Another Day.

His passion for personal growth and spirituality has also motivated Jay to help others by writing a weekly transformative newsletter about life’s journey and the path to enlightenment. His belief is that by transforming your inner self, the outer will shine more brightly.

Jay is also passionate about health, nutrition and anti-aging and has worked as a professional fitness trainer & energy healer.