Jared Outten
Actor, Dancer
“Everything negative, pressure, challenges – it’s all an opportunity for me to rise.”
– Kobe Bryant

Jared Outten was raised in Stony Plain, Alberta and took his first hip hop class at age 6 and knew immediately that dancing and acting was what he wanted to do for the rest of his life. With his goal of being on stage in mind he continued to advance his dance skills in street jazz, tap and all styles of Hip Hop, with strengths in animation, and funk styles he has trained under Miles Faber, Scott Forsyth, Poppin Pete, Wade Robson, Luther Brown, as well as many others. He began training in Parkour under Canada’s best parkour and free runner 2j Pantoja to further his abilities. His love and passion for the arts has been rewarded and encouraged throughout the years by winning many awards and scholarships. He also pursued his talents in acting by taking classes in drama as well acting classes at the Foote Theatre in Edmonton, Ab.

He has been privileged to perform at many events including Canada’s Next Top Model in Edmonton, the District Governors Ball in Edmonton, Alberta Winter Games, and dancing down Disney’s Main Street with Neil Patrick Harris during Disney’s Christmas Day Parade. He has recently performed in two music videos with local artists The Command Sisters, and Esma Rhythm.

As an artistic personality Jared loves to explore what’s around him in a variety of ways and has been privileged to shoot and edit many videos for up and coming dancers. His view of the world around him is unique, fresh and inspiring and is clearly seen in his videos as well as in his photography.
Jared moved to Vancouver, British Columbia eager to pursue his dreams in acting, dance and choreography. He is a dedicated, focused, charismatic personality who is excited to embrace what comes his way.