Jaida Grace
Actor, Singer
“Do it big, do it right, and do it with style.”
– Fred Astaire

Jaida Grace started Musical Theatre classes at a young age and performed in a live local tour for CBC Kids TV.

Jaida’s maturity is beyond her years.  One of her acting coaches “Cheryl Texiera” states “Jaida takes on every role thrown at her and effortlessly makes it her own”. She can do a great Australian and British accent!

Jaida is an emerging young artist living in Toronto, Canada. Her parents have a business in the USA.
Since Jaida was a small child, she spent summers in California, swimming and playing in the Ocean.
Last season she booked a lead in a pilot, and recently booked a large principal role in her second feature film (on hold).
Jaida has worked with Spinmaster Toys on a few commercials and has modelled for Anita Norris Models. She has trained privately and in groups weekly for 3 years at various acting schools in Toronto as well as Los Angeles and New York.
Jaida was invited to perform two solos on stage for Talent Nation. She loves to write and perform her own sketch comedy’s! She enjoys spending time with her family, dogs and friends. Jaida loves ocean activities, skating, reading as well as biking and recently skateboarding. She is an awesome singer, loves to dance and learn new moves, she is a tecky and recently began learning guitar and Ukelele.

At the end of a long day she mostly enjoys a cuppa tea and cuddles with her sweet dogs.