“She oozes confidence, can transform an ordinary dance routine into a mind-blowing piece of choreography and it would not be an overstatement to say that this woman eats, sleeps and breathes dance.”
– Jamaica Observer

When the incomparable talent of Fatima Robinson was met with the passion and creativity of jaeblaze, a match made in choreographer heaven was born. At the time of their 2005 meeting, jaeblaze had established a reputation as one of Canada’s premier choreographers thanks to her flawless ability to unite the aggression of hip-hop with the passion and excitement of Jamaican dancehall. Robinson was working with an unknown Rihanna on her first video for “Pon de Replay” and tapped jaeblaze to bring her authentic style of dance to the project. After seeing her in action, Rhianna insisted jaeblaze join the tour as a dancer and choreographer. Impressed by her work ethic and dedication to the craft, Fatima Robinson also requested jaeblaze’s continued assistance, which resulted in the opportunity to showcase her incomparable work to international A-list clientele.

In 2007, jaeblaze was requested to assist with the choreography for the Academy Awards (Best Costume -“Dreamgirls”) and again in 2009 (Best Song “Jai-Ho” – Slumdog Millionaire). “The Black Eyed Peas” are big fans of the energy jaeblaze showcases in her work and the highlights of their relationship include: the 2011 Superbowl Half-Time show, 2010’s “The End” world tour, the 2010 Grammy performance of the monster hits “Imma Be/Got A Feeling” and Fergie’s 2006 “My Humps” video (MTV award winner for Best Hip-Hop video). Reggae artist Sean Paul also received an MTV award in 2006 after showcasing jaeblaze’s work in the “Get Busy” video. Kelly Rowland, Enrique Iglesias, Niki Minaj, Leona Lewis, R. Kelly and many others have benefited from her talent. Internationally, jaeblaze has traveled the globe choreographing routines for the Japan MTV Awards and for the India based Disney production of “Cheetah Girls One World” along with all the dates on the Cheetah Girls North American tour. Ad agencies for Target, Old Navy, Kelloggs, IPod and McDonald’s have all used distinct elements of jaeblaze’s choreography for prime time campaigns.

When “So You Think You Can Dance Canada” introduced a Dancehall category to the competition, Toronto native jaeblaze made history as the first choreographer to bring authentic dancehall to a nationally televised show. She returned to SYTYCDC in 2009 and in 2010 jaeblaze choreographed a powerful dancehall piece called “Clarks”. The online video gained tens of thousands of views in a few short days and the viral popularity of the routine prompted several international news outlets, including CNN, to interview jaeblaze about the influence of dancehall on the mainstream industry.

jaeblaze specializes in a form of dance that claims no formal training, which works to her advantage. Considered a dancer’s dancer, jaeblaze is synonymous with unparalleled creativity, exceptional work ethic, a commitment to the client’s vision and the well being of her dancers. This can be seen on stage as jae just completed Jordin Sparks break out performance “I AM WOMAN” on American Idol as well as Jordins tour opening for NKOTBSB. Currently she is in France working with Black Eye Peas on their “THE BEGINNING” tour.