Isaac Kerr
Actor, Dancer
“Everything in the phenomenal universe is straight line and circle. The horizon, our heads, arms, electrons, the oceans, planets, and stars. Their principal function is to radiate. The task of the human being is also to radiate.”
– Alonzo King

Isaac Kerr is a dance artist from Kitchener, Ontario. He is a graduate of the Alvin Ailey school in NYC. During his time at The Ailey School Isaac performed choreography by Alvin Ailey, Earl Mosley, Amy Hall, Luis Salgado, Ephrat Asherie, Clifton Brown, and Bradley Shelver.

After graduating, Isaac worked with six different dance companies in NYC. These companies feature Armitage Gone!
Dance, founded by Karole Armitage, choreographer of Madonna’s “Vogue” music video and Michael Jackson’s “In The Closet” video. He is also a dancer for Jennifer Muller The Works, founded by Jennifer Muller, graduate of the Juilliard School. Isaac has also premiered on Family Channel’s “The Next Step” and CBS’ “Star Trek Discovery”.

Isaac trained at prestigious institutions including The Joffrey Ballet, Alonzo King Lines Ballet, and Complexions Contemporary Ballet. In his early years of dancing he trained in the Waterloo, GTA, and Hastings regions. During this time he competed in national competitions and conventions which he was offered multiple scholarships in Canada and The United States. He also is a member of A.C.T.R.A. and P.A.A.