Indiana Mehta
Actor, Dancer
“Dance is music made visible.”
– George Balanchine

Indiana Mehta was born in Mumbai, India. She began her training in Indian classical and folk dance forms before expanding her movement vocabulary to include Western forms such as ballet, jazz, contemporary, musical theatre, and hip hop. In 2015, Indiana graduated from Laine Theatre Arts, UK, with a National Diploma in Performing Arts (Level 6) and a DDI in ISTD Ballet and Modern. To date, she is the only Indian to have graduated from this school. Indiana has taught and performed extensively in Toronto (CA), London (UK), and all over India.

She will soon be seen in an upcoming Netflix feature as a supporting lead. She has choreographed and danced for numerous organizations, including Aakomon, Anze Skrube, Dragon Talent Group, Colors TV, BBC India, Sony Music, and Dharma Productions. In 2015, Indiana made her Bollywood debut, starring as a dance teacher in Ae Dil Hai Mushki, directed by Karan Johar and produced by Dharma Productions. Indiana was recognized by the Mayor of Kingston upon Thames for the contemporary solo that she performed at Ignition Dance Festival (2015).

In May 2018, Indiana moved to Toronto and is currently a teaching faculty member at numerous dance studios in the city offering classes in ballet, jazz, Hip Hop and Bollywood dance. Indiana also trains regularly at The Underground Dance Center & Metro Movement. She is currently a part of few training programs in the city. Jazz & Contemporary with Dark Dance Company under Ms. Alison Bradley and Heels & Hip Hop with Arch Academy under Ms. Angela Mahoney & George (Vibe Exclusive) respectively.
Indiana continues to broaden her training in On-Camera Acting and Voice Acting.

Indiana is known for her commitment to cross-cultural and artistic collaborations. She recently launched a Bollywood in Heels Dance Company – BollyHeelsTO. She has always believed that dance has no boundaries and strives to ensure that her work reflects this philosophy.