Hayden Fong
Actor, Dancer
Non Union
“Hayden shows an outstanding ability and physicality that is balanced with professionalism and discipline.”
– Shay Kuebler, Choreographer

Hayden first started dancing at his high school in Vancouver, BC, with urban dance styles Bboying, House, Popping and Hip Hop. After deciding to pursue a career in dance, he trained for two years at the Drive Scholarship Program. There he studied many other styles from Ballet and Jazz to Ballroom and Contact Improv, as well as introducing him to contemporary dance. His true passion now lies in mixing his knowledge of urban dance’s musicality, power, and isolation, with the techniques of contemporary dance like improv, artistic exploration, and patience.

Hayden has worked on music videos for artists Ash Koley and Nelly Furtado, as well as live events for Warner Brothers and the 2010 Winter Olympics. As a contemporary dancer, he has worked with large shows like Kinesis Dance’s “Box4” and Shay Kuebler’s “Karoshi”. He has also trained with many companies such as 605 Collective, MartaMartaHop, and EDAM Dance. Currently Hayden is shooting the short Artistic Vision, and working with the buzzed about webseries “The True Heroines” with Pin Up Productions.

Hayden strives to master every task he is confronted with. As a dancer who began training later in life, he understands the push that is needed, and is using all of his knowledge of performing to step into the world of acting. He is actively working to balance a career in both contemporary and commercial dance, as well as developing his own style to make his own stamp in the dance world as a choreographer.