Guy Castonguay
ACTRA Apprentice | CAEA Apprentice
“ Guy is a consummate professional…and his mental and physical dedication to his roles shows on screen.”
– Timothy Gassen, Director – Another Trip To The Moon

Guy Castonguay has been performing on stage and camera for many years in Los Angeles, San Diego, Phoenix, Tucson, and now Toronto.

Guy’s initial venture into the theatrical world began when he was in the second grade performing a song involving a bucket with a hole in it. Guy vividly recalls singing to “Dear Liza” that there “is a hole in the bucket”. Liza responded with several methods of mending the hole, including the use of straw. After mending the hole, not much acting continued until Guy reached high school where he studied drama and performed in several school plays. He also enjoyed studying the use of camera as a performance medium. Then Guy went on another hiatus from acting and studied the sciences in university. After university and working in the field for over 4 years, Guy was reawakened to his true calling. While Guy watched his fellow science colleagues perform in plays, he decided to revisit the performing arts by simply auditioning himself. At his very first audition, Guy was cast in a non-musical modern adaptation of Phantom of the Opera. Like a wide-eyed baby, Guy gobbled up everything he could learn about theatre and acting. He soon discovered how he immensely enjoyed the entire process from rehearsing to performing. Shortly after the show closed, Guy resigned from the science field and began studying the performing arts once again.

Guy studied with the likes of Francesca Jarvis, who performed the role of Sister Albertine in Lilies of the Field with Sidney Poitier; Anna Risley, former Saturday Night Live cast member from the early 1980’s; and most extensively with Steve Anderson, NAThalia Stage Ensemble Artistic Director/Co-founder. Steve Anderson received his Master of Fine Arts degree from the prestigious professional theatre training program at Brandeis University near Boston, MA. He performed in Off-Broadway and Regional Theatre and taught at Brandeis University, Clemson University, UW-Green Bay, the Oneida Nations Tribal School, and at many theatre companies across the country. Guy is eternally grateful to Steve for coaching Guy with his uncanny insight of this performing art.

Eighteen years later of study and performing, Guy has always felt he had made one of the best decisions of his life by becoming an actor.

Probably Guy’s most surprising and unexpected role was performing in the Arizona Opera’s production of The Threepenny Opera as Chain-Saw Bob. Never did he imagine he would be in an opera! This operetta utilized Guy’s skills in acting, singing, and dance. Other memorable theatrical performances include Gary in Sister Mary Ignatius Explains It All ForYou, Jeffrey in The Dying Gaul, Howard in Moon Over Buffalo, and the Man in The Man With The Flower In His Mouth.

Then, after eight years or so of acting for the stage, Guy began to dedicate himself to the lens. His Leading and Supporting roles in Independent films include Burning Daylight (starring Robert Knepper), INSIDE (2010 Cannes Short Film Corner), The Package, The Novelist, Followed, Another Trip To The Moon (film festival selection), Sir Joseph, Hammerhead, Ordinary Day (film festival selection and winner for best screenplay), Waiting, IDLEHEIST, and On A Clear Day (film festival selection). Guy’s television credits include performances for the Discovery Channel, National Geographics, History Television, and Bravo. Guy’s roles in shows for these networks include Forensic Factor, Urban Legends, Underworld Histories, Cold Blood, and We Can Rebuild You. He has also appeared in Movies-of-the-Week for ABC and CBS.

Guy’s acting ambitions continue for the camera while returning to the stage whenever possible.