Georgia Hathaway
“The artist is nothing without the gift, but the gift is nothing without work”
– Emile Zola

Georgia Hathaway has been performing ever since she bravely took on a one-woman show of the entire Star Wars saga when she was six years old. After rave reviews from her parents, she fell in love with theatre and has been passionate about all aspects of the performing arts her entire life. She attended the integrative Claude Watson Arts program from the age of nine until graduating from Earl Haig Secondary School with a Major in Drama.

She has acted in numerous school productions during these years, and competed in the SEARS Drama Festival as an actor. Being a Drama Major exposed her to playwrights from Shakespeare to Tennessee Williams, as well as films from Woody Allen to Alfred Hitchcock. She has appeared in a variety of television commercials since the age of ten, including an award-winning advertisement for Panasonic. She hopes to expand her work to include movies and television shows in the future.

Not only is she an actor, but also a violinist from the age of two. Throughout high school, she has become interested in writing, directing, and set production. She has been a Playwright three years in a row and a Director for the student-written play festival at Earl Haig. She also designed the set for a school production of Alice in Wonderland in her last year at the school. She currently attends McGill University in Montreal and hopes to continue acting and performing her whole life.