Fuschia Boston
Actor, Singer
“The pivotal role is that of Master Corporal Tanya Young. As portrayed by terrifically talented Fuschia Boston, her interpretation of the role is multi-faceted. Her maternal instincts, sexuality, and comprehension of her rank’s position are all reflected in her dialogue; stance, facial expressions and emotional states.”
-Danny Gaisin, Ontario Arts Review

Fuschia has spent the majority of her life navigating through arts in all forms. In the earliest moments of her life, she begged her family to learn piano, take dance lessons, organize family talent shows and film mock videos of “The Amanda Show”. She completed grade six piano and grade two music theory in grade school and decided to split her focus between theatre and sports in high school .

After attending university in South Florida, Fuschia returned to Toronto and rerouted her schooling back to her passion. She currently trains at Sheridan College and the University of Toronto where she will graduate with an Honours Bachelor of Arts and an Advanced Diploma in Acting this spring, 2020.

In the past four years, Fuschia has strengthened her on camera work, and character development. She has also focused on improving her authenticity and presence on both film and stage, as well as her vocal and dance abilities. Her Sheridan training includes intense vocal and movement exploration along with various acting style techniques and focuses largely on camera, contemporary theatre, self production and Shakespeare.