Emersyn May
Actor, Dancer
“Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss you’ll land amount the stars.”
– Les Brown

Growing up with an older sister in competitive dance, Emersyn started trying to copy her every move from the time she could stand. At age 2 she began taking dance, progressing to the competitive dance team by the time she was 3. Although naturally a performer, she quickly realized she had a passion and talent for competitive gymnastics. Emersyn’s flexibility, strength and determination to succeed have allowed her to excel in the sport, impressing everyone with her comeback after spending 9 weeks in a cast with a broken arm.

Emersyn has an infectious personality and lights up every room she enters. Her kind heart and empathy recently earned her the “courageous leadership” award at school. Emersyn has been commended by her teachers, coaches, and photographers for being a great listener and taking direction well. Emersyn does everything at 110% and is sure to do big things in the future!!! You can follow Emersyn’s journey on Instagram @emersyn.may #braceyourself