Elescia Penaranda
Actor, Dancer
“Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire.”
– Jennifer Lee

Elescia is a very determined and hardworking individual, with a strong presence and a great passion for performing.

Born and raised in Calgary, Alberta, Elescia (she/her) began dancing at the age of 3. Beginning in ballet, her love for dance quickly grew as she explored and learned other styles including Jazz, Hip Hop, and Contemporary at Counterpoint Dance Academy. It was soon brought to light that Elescia was a natural performer, and instantly she gravitated towards being behind the camera and on stage.

After discovering that she flourished in Hip Hop street styles and choreography, Elescia began training at ILLFX Education. Here she trained and competed throughout Canada, as well as in California and Mexico. She worked her way up into the Company’s professional division where she appeared in multiple music videos, as well as stage performances for companies such as Sport Check, WE Organization and other local brands and businesses.

In 2019 Elescia made the move to Toronto to expand her growth as an artist and dancer. She since has had the opportunity to be featured in local artists’ music videos as well as appear on stage in dance shows including Fever After Dark and Choreoball.

Currently Elescia is furthering her Hip Hop and freestyle training and continues to explore her movement and personal style. She is very eager and open minded when it comes to broadening her skill sets and looks forward to continuing her personal and artistic growth.