Edz Gyamfi
Actor, Dancer
“Dance Brings us together, Motion Sets us Apart”

Edmund Gyamfi (born, 1986), better known by his stage name Edz Gyamfi, is a Ghanaian-Canadian dance choreographer from Ottawa, Ontario Canada.

Born in Kumasi, Ghana Edz was exposed to dance at an early age. He was exposed to various genres of music from all around the world. In addition to cultural influences, Edz was also heavily inspired by his two older brothers who use to dance in the 80s.

Edz main dance foundations are Hip Hop and Dancehall/Roots Reggae. Edz is also known to incorporate different styles of dance to incorporate various ranges of movement.

Edz has over 10 years teaching experience and has taught hundreds of clients ranging from ages 4 to 60(+) years of age. During this time Edz has also competed in several major dance competitions throughout various cities within North America.

Edz dedication to the Toronto dance scene has made him the proud recipient of three consecutive One Immigrant Productions (“O.I.P.”) dance scholarships (2011-2013), he’s recently completed The Motivating Excellence (Intensive Program) series with world renowned Choreographer Rhapsody James.
Edz has also recently completed the Freshman & Sophomore Program Intensive, organized by world renowned choreographer Luam Keflezgy called Rock the Industry in NYC. Edz just recently trained under another world-renowned choreographer for an Intensive in LA with Galen Hooks.

Edz determination to becoming one of Toronto’s top dance choreographers has brought him to various cities throughout North American cities such as: New York, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Saskatoon and Halifax. Edz has travelled abroad to countries like Mexico and Jamaica.

Through his travels, Edz has made a number of contacts and has had the opportunity to work with some of the most renowned hip hop choreographers and performers in the Canadian music scene, which include names such as Danny Davalos, Latoya Robinson, Esie Mensah and world-renowned choreographer Laurieann Gibson.

Edz considers his teaching style to be unique and very different from many studio dance choreographers. He focuses on the history, foundations, and techniques before hitting the choreography aspect of the dance style.

Edz is always looking to branch out and share his love of dance with anybody who seeks to learn and grow.