Dreyden Free
Dancer, Actor
“To get the noun, do the verb.”
– Unknown

Dreyden Free… a big dreamer from Edmonton, Alberta.

Ever since he was young, Dreyden has always had a passion for making it to the big screen and performing as an actor in film and television. With the dream of becoming a movie superhero one day, he began pursuing acting at a young age. Dreyden was honoured to receive lead roles in school productions, and landed his first professional gig in the film It’s Not My Fault and I Don’t Care Anyway at the age of 14.

As a child, Dreyden found a passion for dance through a TV program called “ABDC- America’s Best Dance Crew”. The show featured the team Jabbawockeez who quickly inspired Dreyden to learn how to dance. Initially shy and introverted, dance brought him confidence. Dreyden quickly elevated to teaching dance, travelling for competitions, and taking on roles to dance, act, and sing in school plays. A dedicated student, he received Honours with Distinction in highschool while balancing his lifestyle with friends and family. He was offered a full year scholarship to university, but Dreyden turned it down to instead pursue his passion. He now resides in Vancouver, BC where he splits his time training, auditioning, and building new community.

Dreyden is from a large family, and strives to be a positive role model for his younger siblings by working hard for his goals. He is on the path towards making his goals a reality, and the rest is yet to come.