Donald Sales
Actor, Choreographer, Dancer
“Donald Sales is a grounded and convincing actor who responds to direction in an intuitive and creative way. It was a great delight to discover him, and I look forward to collaborating again in the future.”
– Brendan Prost, Director

Art in every aspect has always been a part of Donald Sales’ life. Born in Tulsa, Oklahoma, his desire for performance began while singing at church and in his middle school choir. In high school, his time was spent predominantly on the football field, but Sales always made time for the stage. Football was soon intercepted by an invite to a ballet class.

In 2004, Sales became a new member of Ballet British Columbia where he would dance for the next 8 years. After years of soloist and company work, he made the transition into choreography and began creating his own works. As the winner of the 2013 Clifford E Lee Award for Choreography, Donald was able to create and present “the ugly duckling”, which received great reviews. This work was the prologue to his companies, Project20, grand opening. Project20 presented gR33N in the 2014 Chutzpah Festival and has been accepted to dance festivals internationally.

As an actor, Sales has appeared on TV shows such as CW’s The 100, Supernatural, docudramas Untold Stories of the ER and Outrageous Births, and a new TNT TV pilot Breed. He also recently choreographed a Lifetime feature Seeds Of Yesterday, currently in post-production. Well on his way to establishing his name as an actor, Sales was awarded the Best Supporting Actor for his role in the short film The Katherine Problem. Sales is always furthering his craft and currently trains intensively with Ben Ratner at Haven Studios and Nadine Wright at ACT2.

In early 2015, Sales silently made claim to a spot on Billboard’s Top 100 with the song “Best Friends” which he produced for the young star Sophia Grace. This has led to him working on a 2nd song for her, as well as recognition on MTV Jams and Cipher Rapfest as a “producer to look out for”.