Diane L. Johnstone
“ For me, Acting is like a kid on the playground.”
– Self

Diane L. Johnstone (a/k/a Diane L. Daniel), a native of Fairfield County, Connecticut, loves the art of acting, and creating that which is bigger than life. Currently she resides in Mississauga, with her very supportive husband, Bruce, and her creatively talented daughter, Kamel. “I tell ’ya, she’s a genius!”

Diane loves to have fun! “I enjoy a great belly laugh.” She loves to make people laugh. “I remember once, my girlfriend and I walking along and I stopped and started talking to a mailbox. She rolled. The more she laughed, the more I laughed.“ There’s enough stuff to be tight about, but finding the humor in life makes it easier.

She loves to play ‘dressing up’ and look all pretty, just as much as she loves to walk bare-foot, connecting with the earth. “I think it’s fabulous how I can go from a gown to jeans, look good and feel comfortable in them both.” I love horses and have a bit of English-style training. And, even though I don’t like to touch the squirming shrimp or worms, I really enjoy fishing. But that’s where a glove comes in handy.

Diane believes in teaching and learning, so she’s constantly in a workshops or classes, perfecting her craft. One of my biggest desires is to give back to my community … community of women and minorities. She has a goal to inspire others to do what they love … to enjoy life!