Destiny Rettinger
Actor, Dancer
“Motivation comes from working on things we care about.”
– Sheryl Sandberg

Born and raised in Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario, Destiny has always had the love for performing, no matter if it was dancing, singing or acting. She started dancing at the age of 2 where her mother signed her up at the local community centre. Her teacher then asked her mother if she would be interested in going to a dance studio for more advanced training. Destiny has never stopped dancing as it became a part of who she is. She’s studied different genres of dance such as, Jazz, Contemporary, Lyrical, Hip-hop, and many more. Destiny always showed a creative side to her life and made sure to audition for every show she could during her time in school. With the teachers realizing her creative potential, they started getting her to teach the dance classes in order to allow for her to grow as a potential future teacher herself. She was always chosen to participate at “WE Day” every year as she loved to see a positive change in the world. She graduated grade 8 on the Honor Roll and received the “Arts Award” at the age of 13.

She then honed her ability to perform by studying at Eastwood Collegiate Institute in the Arts Program. From there she majored in dance and drama as well as minored in vocals. During her years in the Arts Program, she has always been a hard worker who was motivated and was always looking forward to learning new things to help her improve. Throughout high school, Destiny also realized that she had a deep passion for creating dances of her own and found who she is as a choreographer. And with that love and drive, she started a new dance team called, “Shaping Movement” that still remains a successful group within the school today. On her own time outside of the classroom, she learned to juggle the world of competitive dance as well as assisting dance classes and workshops. From there she began to teach her own classes as she always had a love for teaching others and being able to spread her creative ideas with them.

Through her years of discipline in dance, she has been to countless workshops which in turn lead her to achieve many awards and scholarships over the course of her time in training. She has worked with amazingly accomplished dancers and choreographers such as Blake McGrath, Luther Brown, Matt Steffanina. She has received tremendous amounts of recognition and feedback from them to help her perfect her talents. As well as working with many more well-established professionals such as Martha Nichols and Amy Wright. She has also collaborated alongside and shadowed many choreographers such as Paul Becker, and Tanya Karn in order to get a real insight into the arts industry.

Destiny has a very energetic personality, as she loves to please and entertain others. She is an expressive and passionate performer who can touch people’s emotion in the audience from up on the stage. Destiny is still currently training in dance, acting, and singing to make sure she betters herself as a performer and becomes a complete threat in all aspects of her field. She has no fear when it comes to new tasks that she has to face and she is ready to take advantage of any and all opportunities that come her way.