David Giller

David Giller is a professional dancer based out of Toronto, Ontario. He has danced professionally for 5 years. Performing for big name choreographers like Hollywood Jade, Shavar Blackwood, Nicola Pantin, Leon Blackwood, Chris Clarke, George Jones and many others. David graduated from two dance programs at George Brown College. One Commercial Dance and the other Dance Performance where he studied all styles of dance, vocals and acting.

He is now working for MLSE, dancing for the Raptors and Argos. He does many party like dance gigs for different entertainment companies like MagenBoys and StarMuse ent. David loves sharing his passion for dance. His true love is free styling and expressing himself through the art of dance. Second to that is performing live, there is nothing like connecting to people through dance. He loves getting into different characters. This helps when it comes to performing different styles of dance. The character and acting of it is always more important than the steps. David is pursuing acting with Da Costa talent, and has a goal to star in commercials and films as his career progresses.