Dave Autar

Dave Autar was born and raised in Toronto, Ontario and found the love for performing at a young age. He really began to hone his craft when he attended Wexford Collegiate School for the Arts.

Initially an actor, Dave was in the musical theatre program where he developed incredible movement and vocal skills. His dance training consists of ballet, jazz, modern, contemporary, and hip-hop. He also had two years of vocal training with various hired vocal coaches that Wexford provided. By Dave’s last years of high school, he went from being just an actor to having dancing and singing solos on stage – this allowed him to become the triple threat that he is.

Dave’s acting capabilities have taken huge strides during his time at Wexford, taking roles ranging from serious drama to satirical comedy. His year at George Brown College provided him with the fundamentals that he needed to truly succeed!

Dave Autar has only begun his career and is looking forward to creating incredible art, connections, and learning how to be a better person!