Darren Adderley
Actor, Singer
“Doing good work is boring. If you have the courage to enter the chaos, your life and work will be extraordinary.”
– Self

Darren began his professional career 14 years ago on Vancouver Island where he grew up, and since then has traveled North America performing on stage and screen. An Honours graduate from the Canadian College of Performing Arts, he holds a strong belief that showing how a character’s heart changes is the actor’s main concern, and successful collaboration is the key to that goal. Now residing in Toronto, he is a member of Carter Thor Studios, and is honoured to be a part of one of the most prolific acting groups – 20buckfilms.


When he’s not acting, Darren spends much of his time producing projects, most notably the award-winning short films You’re Ex-Lover is Dead (2008 International Digital Film Festival (IDFF) – Best Short Film, 2008 Hollywood Digital Festival (IDVF) – Best Crime Short nominee) and What You Eat (Official Selection of the Slow Food on Film Festival (Italy) 2009, Official Selection of the ReelWorld Film Festival 2009). He has also just finished producing Undercurrents, and is completing his first international shoot, a coming-of-age film entitled On Passing By.