Daniel Letto
Actor, Voice Over Actor
“In an unfettered performance, Daniel Letto lets’er rip as Freddy, with hilarious results.”
– Colin Thomas, The Georgia Straight

Daniel Letto was born in St. Anthony, Newfoundland and spent his childhood growing up in Edmonton, Alberta. In high school, Daniel found himself in a drama class where he first recognized his skill as an actor and had an opportunity to explore.

After graduation he decided to make the move to Vancouver to attend film school and pursue acting. Before the program was completed, he had booked his first professional theatre gig, Gift Of Screws. Daniel has since been seen on screen in shows such as Supernatural, Lucifer, and Legends of Tomorrow; to name a few. He has performed on stage in numerous professional productions, most notably as Gene in Automatic Pilot and Vince in Tape.

Drawn to a vast array of characters, he brings a certain intensity and an open heart to his work, and is known by the casting community as an actor who is always driving for the truth. He has spent several years training intensively with the finest coaches around.

In his spare time he enjoys the outdoors and playing music.