Daniel Chang
Dancer, Actor
“Move with style, not with movement.”
– Popin’ Pete

Daniel Chang has always stood out among the next generation of Toronto dancers, being known as the one kid who specializes in the street-dance style “Popping”. He began his journey in street-dance in 2014 under the mentorship of Andrew “Pyro” Chung where he first developed the discipline of popping and the skill of freestyle. He then went on to expand his skills in hip-hop, house and locking, as an elite member of Footnotes Academy, run by Toronto legends Mariano “Glizzi” Abarca and “Pyro”.

Daniel has furthered his skills in choreography and competition by joining the young yet revered competitive team “Renegades” under the direction of Xavier Tu, where he’s competed at world class competitions such as Hip-hop International.
Since then, he’s appeared in works showcased at events like Toronto Choreographer’s Ball, Fever After Dark and has competed in freestyle battles locally in Toronto and representing internationally in Taiwan.

Currently, Daniel is continuously finding ways to improve his skills as a dancer, actor and student: always taking on opportunities to learn from the greats that paved the way before him. Daniel values learning things the right way from the right people, to preserve and advance the dance and culture into the future.