Daniel Celebre
Dancer, Choreographer
“As his knight, I’ll go forward spreading his (Michael Jackson) message of love through dance”
– Self

Creative, Original, Funky and very well respected, Daniel Celebre is one of the most current choreographer/dancer around. His mission; To lift dance to its rightful Throne.

Training and working with some of the biggest names in dance, including Travis Payne, Kenny Ortega, The Boogie Brats, Rock Steady Crew, The Lockers, Electric Boogaloos and Michael Jackson. Daniel continues to grow and carry us with him on his never ending climb to the Everlasting Now.

From feature films, commercials, music videos and live stage performances Daniel can be seen performing as well as directing and choreographing. Working with stars like Jonas Brothers, Hillary Duff, KOS, Mariah Carey Grand Master Flash, Janet Jackson, Ellen, Jessica Alba, Arrested Development, Smokey Robinson, Raven, Jennifer Hudson, Stevie Wonder, God Made Me Funky, Jackson5, Cheetah Girls, Lionel Richie, Amanda Morra, So You Think You Can Dance and his latest work as Principle Dancer for Michael Jackson’s Feature film “This Is It!”.

Daniel also had the opportunity to assist Travis Payne in the Philippines in the name of Michael Jackson for a performance with the world famous CPRCD Maximum Security Penitentary’s Dancing Inmates which has 3,300,000 views on youtube.

Daniel Celebre strives to continue to break down barriers for the Dancers of the Universe.