Cora Kozaris
Actor, Dancer
“Artists have the ability to change lives with a single performance.”
– Prince

Cora was born with a passion for dance and an innate desire to create. While growing up in Toronto she trained in many styles including ballet, jazz, contemporary and commercial hiphop. Her love and curiosity of movement keeps her traveling internationally to study under leading choreographers in a constant pursuit of new challenges. She was the first international member to be invited to join the L.A based ‘Canv(us) dance ensemble’ founded by Gerran Reese.

Her versatility and creativity have fuelled her identifiable eye-catching style and unique artistic perspective. Cora’s work has appeared on networks such as CTV, YTV, BT, Much Music, Family Channel, Nickelodeon and Netflix. She worked as an assistant and was part of the choreography team on the hit show “Make it Pop” under the direction of Addy Chan. Cora has received accolades for her full length live shows entitled Carné I and Carné II that premiered at Dancemakers theatre in Toronto, prompting her to be highlighted in the CBC segment “Heartbreak to Art” directed by Karena Evans. The completion of both shows continues to be one of her most cherished accomplishments having been a homage to her grandfather.

In addition to working behind the scenes, she is also an accomplished performer, appearing in films such as Disney Zombies 1, Disney Zombies 2 and most recently, Christmas Chronicles 2. In conjunction with her industry work, she is deeply passionate about teaching and mentoring youth. Adjudicating and teaching master classes across Canada continue to play an integral part of her professional career.