Connor Wong
Actor, Dancer
Non Union
“An intellectual and passionate individual, Connor Wong is a force in his generation, exceeding mentally and physically as a true artist. Consistently shining his brightest in everything he does, Connor is destined for greatness.”
– Joe Tuliao

Connor Wong is easily described as an “old soul”. Wise beyond his years with a sharp wit to match, Connor is a kind, generous, independent and hardworking young man. His passions are dancing, music, acting, art, fashion and anything he can apply his abundant creativity to. From the time he was a toddler, Connor was always performing, whether it be trying to re-create the chimney sweep dance from Mary Poppins with his toy broom or putting on full theatrical performances of the Wiggles in his living room. It was a natural choice for him to start classes in dance and theatre at the young age of 3 and he has never looked back.

After beginning his training in community dance and theatre programs, Connor went on to train at the North Shore Academy of Dance (NSAD) lead by artistic director Dylan Steyns. After training for many years in jazz, hip hop and broadway he enrolled in the pre-professional dance program there at the age of 13. He continued in this program for 4 years training over 20 hours per week in ballet, jazz, broadway, lyrical, contemporary, modern and hip hop under the guidance of Belinda Sobie, Breanna English and the amazing faculty at NSAD. Connor also joined the coveted Illustrative Society under the artistic direction of Joe Tuliao in 2018, training in various styles of hip hop and performing in various competitions both domestically and internationally as well as many other performance opportunities honing his skills in urban styles, afro, grooving, freestyle and popping. Connor is frequently praised for his musicality and adaptability to different styles. He has an innate ability to quickly absorb style, texture and intent and picks up new choreography very quickly. In 2019 Connor was awarded 1st place overall in several dance competitions and invited to perform in provincial honours galas for contemporary dance duo and group numbers as well as Broadway performance. Through Harbour Dance, Studio North and travel outside Vancouver, Connor has had the opportunity to train with many illustrious professional choreographers within and outside Vancouver.

Over the last year, Connor has discovered a new passion and has been investing a significant amount of time and energy in honing his acting skills with private coaching with Beatrice King and Laura MacDonald. He continues with regular coaching and classes with Beatrice both privately and through group classes at McIlroy and Associates. Through these classes, Connor has been working hard at in-depth scene study, camera work, voice acting and all aspects of film and television on screen performance. Almost immediately on signing with da Costa Talent in mid 2019, he booked his very first audition as an actor on Netflix’s hit series The Baby-Sitters Club and went on to book a recurring principal role in Apple TV’s Home Before Dark. On set, Connor is a joy to work with and takes direction easily, always being prepared and ready for anything!

Connor has always lighted up any room he walks into. His magnetic energy has always been evident on stage and he is now demonstrating his ability to translate this to screen. Connor is very excited for what the future will bring and can’t wait to keep learning, growing and finding new opportunities to share his creative talents.