Connor Wong
Actor, Dancer
Non Union
“An intellectual and passionate individual, Connor Wong is a force in his generation, exceeding mentally and physically as a true artist. Consistently shining his brightest in everything he does, Connor is destined for greatness.”
– Joe Tuliao

Connor Wong loves fashion, art, theatre, photography and all things music, especially dance. When not dancing, Connor enjoys singing, customizing clothing and spending time with his wonderful younger sister and close friends.

As a toddler Connor was always performing, whether it be trying to re-create the chimney sweep dance from Mary Poppins with his toy broom or putting on full theatrical performances of the Wiggles in his living room. It was a natural choice for him to start classes in dance and theatre at the young age of 3. At the age of 9, Connor found his way to North Shore Academy of Dance (NSAD) lead by artistic director Dylan Steyns. There, Connor trained primarily in hip hop, jazz and broadway until the age of 13, at which time he set his mind to pursuing dance as more than just a hobby. He auditioned, and was accepted into, NSAD’s half day program where he will be entering his 4th year training in ballet, jazz, broadway, lyrical, contemporary, modern and hip hop more than 20 hours per week under the guidance of Belinda Sobie, Breanna English and all the amazing faculty at NSAD.

In addition to Connor’s training at NSAD he will be entering his 2nd year as a member of Illustrative Society, with artistic director Joe Tuliao, training and performing in urban styles, afro, grooving, freestyle and popping. Connor also attends classes at Harbour Dance Center in Vancouver and Studio North in Burnaby, where he has the opportunity to work with many sought after choreographers. Connor is frequently praised for his musicality and adaptability to different styles. He has an innate ability to quickly absorb style, texture and intent.

Connor was recently awarded 1st place overall for his contemporary duo choreographed by Breanna English at the Peak Burnaby competition and followed that up with a 1st place overall award at Peak Whistler for a group Broadway number choreographed by Belinda Sobie where Connor played Gaston. Connor was also recently invited to perform in two pieces at the invitational hip hop showcase – Kaedama by The Main Event and was featured in Illustrative Society’s invitational performance at The Release Dance Competition. Earlier this year Connor attended Dancer’s Paradise in Cancun performing with Illustrative Society and attending workshops with Christopher Martin, Antoine Troupe, and Lyle Beniga.

Connor is a kind and gentle soul with an extremely quick wit. He is extremely dedicated to continuous improvement of his craft both to gain greater technical proficiency and to improve his interpretive and performance qualities. Connor lights up the stage when he is performing and easily draws the audience in. Upon signing with da Costa Talent, he booked his very first audition as an actor on Netflix’s new series The Baby-Sitters Club. His star power is evident! He is looking forward to expanding his training to include acting lessons with Beatrice King at Andrew McIlroy & Associates in the fall as he continues to hone his craft and embark on his chosen career.