CJ Damaso
Actor, Dancer
“Be grateful. Be confident. LIVE YOUR LIFE.”
– CJ Damaso

CJ is one of the most captivating female dancers to hit the Vancouver dance scene. From an early age, she was the kind of dancer that stood out and showed great potential. She began teaching, training, and creating in her hometown of Edmonton, Alberta.

In 2007, she moved to Vancouver, and has been blessed with many experiences including KTL co,. TwoFourSeven company, World of Dance, performing in local choreography showcases like The Main Event, and training and performing in Seattle, WA, San Francisco, CA, and Beijing, China. In addition, CJ became part of the teaching staff at Vancouver’s Harbour Dance Centre- the hub of the professional dance scene.

Her most recent credits include The Flash, iZombie, and Disney’s Descendants 2. CJ’s style has innovated into a form of hip hop best described as street jazz/jazz funk/commercial choreography. Her unique style has made her name well known in the city and across Canada. In her class, you can expect different dynamics and emotional feel, and no one can deny that the style is full out! CJ believes in teaching more than just demonstrating dance steps- her purpose as an educator is to inspire those she is teaching while encouraging dancers to progress to the next level and achieve their fullest potential.

CJ continues to “step out of her box” by continually taking class adding her own challenges and sharing her work via videos and social media. Her love for dance and performing is evident throughout her everyday life – work, studio, or stage. She is proud to represent Vancity dancers, all female dancers, and stands for being the best dancer you can be.