Christine Trinh
Actor, Stunt Performer
“It is not the absence of fear. It is the will to feel alive.”
– Anonymous

Born and raised in Montreal, Canada, Christine, who is fluent in both French and English, was encouraged to honour her cultural heritage but often had a desire to move beyond a strictly Asian Canadian Experience. Intrigued by martial arts at a young age, she took her first judo class at the age of eight. Subsequently, she trained in Tae-Kwon-Do for a few years, achieved one belt below black as well as won two local open tournaments.

With that said, by the time Christine reached her teen years, she decided to put aside her childhood dreams of becoming a professional fighter and actress. During her time in college and university, she pursued studies in Marketing, thinking she would one day end up working in that field. However, after she underwent heart surgery in 2010, Christine realized she no longer wanted to pursue the conventional route of what it meant to be successful.

Instead, she had a burning desire to discover herself, and follow her passion. This led her to create a fundraising event called “Dance Your Heart Out” to increase awareness about heart disease among the youth and raise passion through forms of self expression such as music and dance. While exploring her love for various mediums of art such as music and freestyle dancing, a series of events led Christine to fall in love with acting, and the art behind it.

In 2015 she packed her bags and headed to Los Angeles to study acting at the Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute. During her time out west, Christine was cast as a lead in a number of short films such as “Shadowplay”, an action drama-based sizzler, where she had the chance to play a strong female role. This experience enabled her to go places emotionally that she had never been to before, and from that day on, she was determined to make it her focus.

Not long after she got back from Los Angeles, Christine started training in stunts and film fighting, by which she discovered her passion for fight choreography. Subsequently, Christine was grateful to have landed her first stunt performer roles on feature films “Bon Cop Bad Cop 2”, Darren Aronofsky’s “Mother!”. Her most recent stunt work include Handmaid’s Tale, and Moonfall dir. By Roland Emmerich.

Having had the opportunity to embody strong female roles over the years, she realized where her passions and strengths lie: an actress who can also do her own fights/stunts.

Additionally, Christine finds herself drawn to characters with great depth. She thoroughly enjoys taking on challenging roles that inspire her to grow both as an artist and as an individual. She is continuously finding ways to creatively convey a message through her own film projects.

Having said that, Christine driven to help shift the perspective of the Asian Stereotype in the film industry. She believes that every one is ‘dope’ in his or her own way. Thus, aside from acting and stunts, she has set out to help brand artists as to their true essence. Most recently, she’s embarked on a new journey towards empowering others to be who they are via youtube, IG content creation and personal coaching.

Lastly, Christine strives to be part of stories that can help transcend humanity.