Christina Pitts Jazzar
(She/Her/Hers) | Intimacy Choreographer / Director / Coordinator
“Every body is worth respecting and every intimate story is worth telling: safely, consensually and diversely. My job is to help facilitate that. ”
-Christina Pitts Jazzar

Christina Pitts Jazzar is a celebrated choreographer with 30 years of experience in the industry, having worked on such projects as the Academy Award winning The Shape of Water (Sally Hawkins & Richard Jenkins) Mrs America (Rose Byrne) and The Umbrella Academy (Elliott Page), to name a few.

When it comes to movement Christina has a fun natural ability to put people at ease in any environment. Having held leadership roles in dance, direction, stage management, wardrobe and event planning she is a true collaborator who believes in open communication. Christina also brings a well versed eye and authentic voice to any project with a track record of efficient, safe and team-oriented operations. As a performer, choreographer and movement coordinator she is excited to bring her passion for physical storytelling to the important role of Intimacy Coordinator.

With a multitude of IC focused workshops under her belt, Christina is learning from industry experts like Alicia Rodis (IDC), Amanda Bloomanthal (IPA) and Ita O’Brien (ISS). In addition, she has instigated a pilot project lead by Theatrical Intimacy Education founders and Staging Sex authors Chelsea Pace and Laura Rikard. This international education teaches up-to-date IC techniques that create a culture of consent using desexualized language and engages Best Practices to choreograph scenes of intimacy. The skills create a more inclusive, welcoming work environment for both cast and crew.

Christina believes that an informed space gives room for brave and honest performances.

Christina is a sex-positive advocate and a LGBTQIA+ ally. She has certifications in Mental Health First Aid, Psychological First Aid and CPR level C.