Christina Pitts Jazzar
“Beautiful, brilliant and so patient. I’ve been taught by the best in my opinion, truly the best.”
– Sally Hawkins (Shape of Water)

Christina Pitts Jazzar (she/her) has been dancing from the very beginning, making “Dance” her 1st language. A graduate of Ryerson University’s Dance program and a natural triple threat, she began her career in Musical Theatre. Professionally she has traveled the globe, and her work ethic often caught the eyes of world renowned choreographers such as Roberto Campenella, Amy Wright, Paul Becker, Lisa Stephens, Bengt Jorgen, Allan Harding and even Flick Colby.

If she wasn’t already in the role of Dance Captain, she often became Assistant to the Choreographer. Her eye for detail and the ability to clean numbers has been sought after time and time again. These experiences have been invaluable helped cultivate her ability to communicate the language of Dance with others.

Over her 30 year career she has become fluent in all styles of Dance. She has adjudicated at countless competitions across the country, including the prestigious Canadian Dance Championship. She has been a staple at the Miss Universe Canada Competition for almost a decade as Assistant Choreographer and Production Manager, calling a show that is watched by hundreds of countries thanks to technology. Christina has also staged hundreds of live performances. Everything from Plays to Musicals to Rock concerts and anything in between. She has worn the hat of Writer, Director, Designer and very often Stage Manager, taking in as much information and perspectives as possible, which helped make the transition into the Film and Television an easy one.

Thanks to her involvement with the Oscar Award Winning Film the Shape of Water, the doors are wide open for Christina right now. She is definitely building a reputation of being an “Actors” Choreographer.

Sally Hawkins writes:
“I’m a very very lucky lady to have worked with you, having the best there (by my side) throughout this.”

and Rose Byrne states:
“Of all the dance instructors I’ve worked with, you are my favorite.”

Christina ultimately believes that she can help anyone learn to dance and/or look like they’ve been at it for years. But it’s her ease and fun personality that keeps stars like Sally Hawkins, Doug Jones, Rose Byrne, Ellen Page, and Bill Skarsgard to name a few, recommending her to others. Even legends like Richard Jenkins and Dan Aykroyd praises her talent and ability.

Having said all that, Christina is most proud of a program she started called SuperKids Create which brings Musical Theater programs to the hearts and minds of children all over the city. Summer Camps and School Musicals that are too often inaccessible due to lack of funding. Christina believes The Arts can save a soul and she hopes to inspire as many people as possible to see the importance of Music and Movement in their lives.